Lanterna Pictures / Website Identity
Lanterna Pictures is a film production company from Colombia (Medellin). Lanterna has strong brand philosophy and they've appealed to Eskimo to develop full brand identity. Brand should bring inspiring stories, great content and emotions.
I Love Shoes / Website
Website design for I LOVE SHOES continues identity style. It keeps impression of purity because of new layout and color scheme.
Deerz / Identity
Rebranding for online store Deerz. Main range of goods are sweaters and pullovers with scandinavian patterns. Our task was to create monochrome logotype with unique lettering and sign, which could have adaptability for wide variety of goods.
I Love Shoes / Identity
People love shoes, many shoes. They like buy new models, collect them, care about it. If there is a lot of shoes you need a place where you can keep all of them. The best decision is shoe shelf, which includes many sections for any items.
Baydakov Aleksey / Website
Logo design had to be done in rough brush style and have handwriting lettering. There was a lot of sketches made by pencil, ink, pen, cd pen etc. But the most successful was the brush drawn versions. We tried to reproduce illustration style in letters: playful and vivid remaining just in one color.
Shave & Blade / Identity
Shave & Blade is a new shaving brand. The target audience is wealthy men who constant flows of life. They need to look carefully and always shaved. S&B is the place where a man can come after work, relax in a comfortable chair.
Aquapark / Без рубрики
Not everyone office is able to accommodate aquarium, and even more so an aquapark. However, the studio "Eskimo" has come up with a solve for this problem.
Piadina Romagnola / Identity
Corporate identity for the fast-food chain Piadina Romagnola, which offers visitors an Italian cuisine. The main course is Piadina Romagnola, a relative of pita and all kinds of round cakes. Usually hot cooked cake filled with something delicious: dried ham, braised greens or fresh soft cheese.
Crows’ Nest / Identity
Corporate identity for the vintage store Crows' Nest. Inspiration was vintage wrought signs and wheathervanes. To reproduce vintage style we've used natural materials, textured and kraft paper. Monochrome black printing supplements warm shades of stationery.
Shkollegi / Identity
Teacher - a key part of the future Internet community "Shkollegi". Each teacher has own unique traits and personal qualities, as well as the signature, which teachers use every day as a personal identifier at work. This idea is taken as the basis for the logo, as well as for corporate identity.
Happy Eskimo 2013 / Без рубрики
Let all your dreams come true. Happy New Year, guys! Fathers Frost of Eskimo design studio.
Denim Pavilion / Website
Сontinuing cooperation with jeans online store Denim Pavilion there was made redesign of the current website. The style of the site continues to directions given corporate style. The main emphasis was made on working with typography and layout.
Shuba / Identity
Corporate identity for a company that offers customers ready coats of all kinds of fur, and also engaged in sewing of fur coats. The company plans to enter the European market, so one of the terms for new name was a reflection of russian origins.
Denim Pavilion / Identity
Identity for online jeans store Denim Pavilion. It offers only quality original jeans from USA and Japan. There are presented labels such as Pure Blue Japan, Jean Shop, 3Sixteen, Tellasson, Eternal. The task was to create logotype stylizied to old labels.
Eskimo / Identity
Eskimo is the design studio based in Murmansk (Russia). In russian language «ЭСКИМО» (Eskimo) means choc-ice (chocolate iced ice cream). The decision is minimal style with big attention on materials and production technologies.
Severminerals / Identity
Severminerals is an official representative of the international technology company Metso in the Murmansk region. Severminnerals offers a full range of equipment, spare parts, wear-resistant materials manufactured by Metso Mining and Construction Technologies.
Nordstream Off-Road / Identity
Identity for strong men who are engaged in hunting, fishing and a safari on Kola Peninsula. The logo represents letter N entered in the tire tread image. Font style continues a sign.
Eskimo / Website
To create the first version of the "Eskimo" site we invented the concept that combines two main ideas: this is an unusual design studio and it is located in the far north. Realization of the idea was frozen ice cave where the podium in the form of a huge ice-cream is a cozy designer workspace.
Hotel Meridian / Identity
Hotel “Meridian” is located in the heart of Murmansk city, on the central square the “Five Corners”. After the reconstruction in 2004 more rooms of the hotel were opened. The whole room fund was modernized and upgrade radically. The interior of new rooms designed individually.
Sedov / Logotype
Logo for global cruise of the world biggest sailing vessel "Sedov" started in 2012.
Rest Group / Identity
Identity for the company, including about 20 public catering establishments. The basic requiments from the customer: the new brand should inspire sense of trust to partners, speak about solidity of the company, the logo should have some versions of configurations for use on a wide spectrum pf stationery.
Rabbit 51Net / Illustration
Creation of corporate character for advertising company ISP 51 Net. Hare with a turbine at the ready symbolizes high-speed Internet, which bursts into consumers' homes with the provider visit.
North Way / Identity
North way - a young company in the market of long-distance transportation. It's engaged in the delivery of goods in two main directions: Murmansk - Moscow, Murmansk - St. Petersburg.