Aleksey Baydakov


Key idea was maximum attention on current work. Nothing should distract you from illustrations. Color is only there your eyes and mouse cursor. Big preview images, contrast colors and fat dark mood.

Logo design had to be done in rough brush style and have handwriting lettering. There was a lot of sketches made by pencil, ink, pen, cd pen etc. But the most successful was the brush drawn versions. We tried to reproduce illustration style in letters: playful and vivid remaining just in one color. Because logo must be usable as a signature for any type of illustrations.

Aleksey BaydakovAleksey Baydakov


At start preview images are black-and-white. They become colorful then you move mouse cursor. Forsaken images become monochrome again. On fast speed it looks like a game. Fullsize illustrations are loaded above the dark background to isolate work from backside preview images.

Aleksey Baydakov

Aleksey BaydakovAleksey BaydakovAleksey BaydakovAleksey Baydakov