Long before the growth of large industries, people barter their skills. Every craftsman was striving to hone his skill to perfection without exploiting others for his work. His heart was behind each peace he created.

Band&roll’s aim is to work with family run supply companies that have great history of manufacturing the finest materials. This gives them pleasure to put whole soul into designing and crafting products by hand that have meaning, purpose and will become better with time.

Each product is crafted by hands with a help of a single sewing, edge cutting, and stamp machine. It’s hard, but loved. They feel great while cutting the felt, knitting the wool, stroking the leather and adding all the peaces together to something special. That makes them one with the goods they create.



Most of the printed materials have rounded shapes, which are preferable for Band&roll identity. To communicate brand image and their form of activity we used duplex paper (Gmund Alezan Iguane Cult 300 gsm and Fiber Mark Suede Tex Tan 431 gsm). 

As a result stationery materials look like they are made of leather. Some items have embedded miniature magnets to connect bent or separated parts. Business cards holder are produced of beech, allowing to keep cards in a safe place and get them easy when it’s necessary.




Package concept presents scalable paper-wood box which consists of two square brackets parts. They are connected by pairs of neodymium magnets. Wooden sides gives hardness for the package. Paper top and bottom are for flexible opening. Product is wraped in textile bag to fix it in the inner package space. Simple box construction allows to adapt the package size.