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Eskimo design studio is one of the leading design agencies in Russia. Our core abilities cover various creative fields including logo design, brand identity and web design. We are a small team of likeminded people being on the market just for a few years. And for this period we have had an opportunity to present several successful and publicly recognised projects. We work worldwide elaborating subtle ideas with strong visual character for a diverse range of brands and clients.



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web design


visual identity

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Design studio Eskimo was founded in 2010 in Murmansk, Russia.
After a few years of working in province, we felt the need for growth and wanted to become closer to our friends and clients from the central region. Therefore, we have decided to move to Saint Petersburg in 2012. Since then, we remain moderate in size and are a fully flexible and an effective team.


Our main goal is to assist companies in finding their own identification, which will help them to stand out in the long-run. We begin each project with a new idea. To show brand's values to the audience, the idea must be transformed into visual image through design. By creating simple and clear design solutions, we offer our customers an efficient tool for brand promotion.

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Each project satisfies our creative drive to do the best job in line with the business objectives of our clients. Our work is based on principles of visual thinking. Working with the brand on the level of ideas, we don’t forget how it will develop in the real world. Years of experience in identity design, packaging and web design allow us to find and evaluate best solutions for each new project. Small studio format allows for direct dialogue with the client to engage him in a work process. Working together we create functional, effective and timeless design for your business.